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Coaxial Dynamics 7900 Series Adjustable Signal Samplers
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 Wide Frequency Range of Operation

 Low Insertion VSWR - 1.10:1 max

 Low Insertion Loss - 0.1 dB max

 Continuous Variable Coupling

 Quick Match Connectors

 Two Year Limited Warranty


These Adjustable Tap-Offs are ideal for obtaining a small sample of a RF signal from a 50-Ohm coaxial transmission line system. Its variable coupling can be set for just the right signal level to drive a frequency counter, feed an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer, operate a receiver, or any other application requiring a low level of RF signal.

It provides a non-directional, continuous variable coupling level related to the insertion depth of its sampling connector into the line section. When the desired sample strength is obtained, the sampling connector is locked in position by use of its locking collar.

The Coaxial Dynamics 7900 Series of Adjustable Tap-Offs are an essential, inexpensive tool for use anywhere RF signals require sampling.

Your confidence in the quality and dependability of these Tap-Offs is assured with the Coaxial Dynamics Two Year Limited Warranty.

Available Models and Specifications

 Model   Power 
Main Line
7990 500 W  2-1000 MHz   15 - 70 dB  UHF Male/Female
7991 500 W 2-1000 MHz 15 - 70 dB  BNC Female/Female 
7992 500 W 2-1000 MHz 15 - 70 dB N Male/Female
7993 500 W 2-1000 MHz 15 - 70 dB N Female/Female
7995 500 W 2-1000 MHz 15 - 70 dB UHF Female/Female

Note: All Models have a type BNC Female Sample connector.

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