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 Easily Changed in the Field


 Rugged and Reliable


Many of our Wattmeters, Termination Loads and Attenuators are equipped with Quick Match Connectors which allows the customer to select the most convenient connector for their application when ordering. Quick Match Connectors are also easily changed in the field.

Please note that although Quick Match connectors are physically interchangeable among Coaxial Dynamics products, some connectors may not be appropriate for some power and frequency ratings. Recommended connector options are usually listed in the product description. For special applications, please contact us to discuss other possibilities.

Available Models

Model Description   Model Description
 88000  N Female    88001  N Male
88002 BNC Female   88003 BNC Male
88004 UHF Female (SO-239)   88005 UHF Male (PL-259)
88006 LC Female   88007 LC Male
88008 C Female   88009 C Male
88010 7/8" EIA Swivel Flange   88011 TNC Female
88012 TNC Male   88013 HN Female
88014 HN Male   88020 SMA Female
88021 SMA Male   88022 1-5/8" EIA Swivel Flange
88023 1-5/8" EIA Fixed Flange   88024  QM Connector Coupling Block 
88026 Miniature UHF Female   88027 SC Female
88028 SC Male   88029 European 7/16 IEC Female
88030  Open Terminal (#10-32 nut)    88031 European 7/16 IEC Male
Adapter To Accept Quick Match Connectors
88016 1-5/8" Unflanged   88017 3-1/8" Unflanged
88018 1-5/8" EIA Swivel Flanged   88019 3-1/8" EIA Swivel Flanged

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