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Coaxial Dynamics Relative RF Field Strength Meter
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 Superior Sensitivity

 Broadband Operation

 Adjustable Gain Control

 Internal Battery Test Circuit

 Detachable Antenna

 Two Year Limited Warranty


Coaxial Dynamics Model 7601 Relative Field Strength Meter is used for measuring the relative strengths of radiating fields of patterns from a transmitting antenna system, making relative RF power measurements, or peaking and adjusting fixed or portable transceivers and antennas.

The Model 7601 is usable over a frequency range of 1 to 3000 MHz with superior performance characteristics and with greater sensitivity. A one watt CW source from a unity gain antenna at 150 MHz will typically cause full scale deflection at a distance of 10 feet with the gain control set at maximum. The large easy to read meter is plainly visible from many feet away.

The detachable antenna feature allows the user to select from two available antennas. The instrument is normally supplied with a Rubber Duck style antenna. An optional telescoping antenna (see options below) with a range of 4 to 19 inches is also available for even greater sensitivity.

Your confidence in the quality and dependability of the Model 7601 Relative Field Strength Meter is assured with the Coaxial Dynamics Two Year Limited Warranty.

Note: Model 7601 can also be connected directly to an existing base or mobile antenna.

Available Options

Model Description
 7600-008   Telescoping Antenna for improved sensitivity 
7610 Field Strength Element for use in
Model 81000-A or equivalent.


Frequency Range 1 to 3000 MHz
Typical Sensitivity 1 Watt CW source from a unity gain antenna
at 150 MHz will cause full scale deflection at
10-ft with the gain control set at maximum. 
Battery One 9 volt alkaline transistor battery (supplied)
Weight* 8 oz (.23 kg)
Dimensions* 3.13" x 5.0" x 2.13" (7.95x12.7x5.41cm)
Case Finish Textured Blue and Tan Polyurethane Enamel
* without Antenna attached

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